Using Flaxseed Oil To Relieve Dry Eye

Dry Eye

We all blink our eyes for about 10 to 15 times in minute. But what would

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happen if we do not blink eyes ? Well, each time we blink, our eyelids act as a cleaning agent. Eyelids spread over the eye and wash the dust with the some kind of lubrication. Tears are so very important for the good health of our eyes. Tears are actually the combination of water, mucus, oil and antibodies. And the people whose eyes do not produce enough quantity of tears suffer from dry eyes. People with dry eyes always have a feeling as if something has stuck in their eyes. Such group of people can always be found rubbing their eyes, as they always experience irritation and some kind of burning.

Cause of dry eyes depends on so many factors. But it massively depends on the age. As people grow old, their body fails to produce enough amount of oil, which is the most important content of tears. The kind of work people do also is the reason of dry eyes. If you are living in a hot and dry climatic condition, then you have a huge chance of having dry eyes. Apart from these factors, people who smoke cigarettes, watch lot of television or spend a great amount of time on computers are prone to have dry eyes.

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But fortunately we have so many ways to eradicate this problem by the virtue of efforts by medical fraternity. Flaxseed is considered as the best and effective resource to eliminate the dryness from the eyes. If we talk in chemical terms, fatty acid is the content which works very well on the dry eyes and protects the eyes from getting evaporated. And Flaxseed is a rich source of fatty acids, so this makes it an effective means to cure dry eyes.

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Flaxseed can be found in so many forms in the market, although all of them work for the same cause. The most common and effective form is the liquid flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is very easy to use as they are available in the form of eye drops. If you face some kind of difficulty to use flaxseed oil as eye drops, then you can consume it with food such as coffee, cheese or some kind of drinks. Make sure that you consume the flaxseed oil instantly because it quickly reacts with the atmosphere and gets evaporated.

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There are few varieties of flaxseed oil available in market. Make sure that you use the cold pressed flaxseed oil because it is more stable and effective although it is expensive.

If you use the flaxseed oil which is extracted using heat, then it might be functional as heat damages the oil content.

Using Flaxseed Oil To Relieve Dry Eye
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