The Benefits of Gas Permeable Lenses

Finding the right contact lenses for your eyes can be extremely difficult. There are many varieties out there so it is essential you do your research well and find the best type for your eyes.

One of the lesser well known types of lenses are the gas permeable lenses. These are the most durable of lenses and also come under the name of rigid gas permeable, or oxygen permeable lenses.

Quite often people confuse these lenses with the old fashioned ‘hard’ lenses. These are now obsolete, but the gas permeable have taken their place and are far more reliable. The reason for the confusion is due to the ridged feel of the lenses that make some feel it is a hard lens.
Gas Permeable Lenses
The main reason why these lenses are not the most common is due to the fact that you will have to adapt to the lens far more than you do with a softer lens. Soft lenses are almost instantly comfortable, whereas gas permeable are not. But with time, they become comfortable and ultimately become more reliable.

One of the biggest advantages of going with this type of lens is it’s firmness. This eliminates the change of shape when you blink. Therefore you will have crisp vision straight away after the eyelids have been down. Soft lenses do not allow this. Gas permeable lenses are extremely durable and are hard to tear or rip. So with a little TLC you may find you can keep the same lenses for years if your prescription does not change.

However like anything, they do have their down sides. If you do not wear them regularly you will find them increasingly uncomfortable. Your eyes will only adapt to them if you wear them at least every other day. This is not practical for some people. You will also have to take special care of them. They are designed to last years, but only if you clean them and care for them. For some people this is a nuisance as their day to day lives do not allow time for such care.

So if you an avid lenses wearer then these lenses are for you. But do your research well before you buy.

The Benefits of Gas Permeable Lenses
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