Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction a new method of correcting eyes vision and this is a very emerging technique which is being followed by many. There are many people in this world thinking that it won’t work properly and has various drawbacks hence opts themselves away from this technique. But this is really not true this laser surgery has good results and helps you to clear your eye problem as a whole. In some cases the surgery fails and it is common in any kind of surgery hence there is no need to worry about that. This problem could be solved by frequent consultation with your optometrist.

Laser surgery has various uses and that’s why many people are choosing


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that. Basically it prevents you from wearing glasses and contact lenses. Hence many opt for this even it is costlier when compared to spending for glasses and lenses. Also this kind of laser surgery keeps you away from the eye problem for life long.

This laser correction technique works by reshaping the cornea which allows the eyes to process light in a correct manner and thus improves the clarity of vision by reducing fuzziness. This laser correction reshapes the cornea and this creates over slope or in sometimes slope of less than what it is needed. In both the cases patients are advised to wear glasses or lenses to overcome that slope. But this kind of problem occurs rarely and it is not a serious issue as that could be corrected by frequent checkup and by another laser surgery.

This laser vision correction is proved to be effective and even after that if you have doubts then it is better to consult your optometrist who helps in get rid of your fear and explains you all the good and bad things that you would come across. In most of the cases the result is very excellent and only in some cases it went wrong so it is not a wise decision to move away from this laser vision correction technique.

Once you make up your decision to move on with laser vision correction technique the first thing you have to look for the best optometrist and to make sure he/she is a best optometrist get answers for some of the queries and then proceed with the same depending on the answers. The queries which you should ask to your optometrist are,

  • What percent of laser surgery has went wrong in your total surgery experience?
  • How long you have been doing this kind of surgery?
  • How many laser procedures you have performed?
  • How many surgeries you have done of this kind?
  • Do you have any denial of insurance for malpractice?

All these queries would be rude and direct but in this world of fakeness this becomes mandatory. So if you get proper and good answer for all these queries proceed with the same optometrist. Even if you have small doubts in their experience and treatment methods then looking for some other optometrist is a wise decision.


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After deciding optometrist and proper understanding of the problem it is necessary to do laser surgery and there are many type o laser vision correction and that includes,

LASIK:  This technique of correcting is very popular as everyone follows the same and this LASIK is nothing but Laser Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis.



This is a procedure for refractive laser vision correction. In this procedure laser is used to reshape the cornea and in outer cornea a flap is cut in order to perform the laser surgery. After that laser is used to reshape the cornea once it is reshaped the flap is set back in the same place.

PRK: Photo Refractive Keratectomy, this is one of the easiest forms of laser vision correction at the same time it is very different from the previous technique LASIK.

Because instead of cutting a flap as that of LASIK here cornea is removed from the position and the surgery is done. This kind of surgery involves more pain and also takes more time for healing and the chance of occurring of problem is less when compared to the previous method.

LASEK: Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy, this is also one of the techniques of laser vision correction and it is same as the previous technique. But here the outer cornea is removed and dissolved in a chemical solution to make it safe and easy to relocate.

In all these techniques of laser vision correction the basic objective is to reshape the cornea. As the cornea is the only thing responsible for blurriness and fuzziness in your vision. Also one thing that everyone has to note is that this laser vision correction could correct only problems occurring due to cornea such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. And in most cases optometrist suggests LASIK laser vision correction technique as this involves less pain and the healing time is less.

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