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Eye Care

There are many ways through which we can care for our peeps right at home. These are some of the most essential techniques that we must be aware of in order to take care of our eyes. Spending hours in front of the TV or the computer will definitely take a toll in our eyesight. These are eye related problems that can be easily cured and taken care of with practice. There are certain lifestyle changes that are to be implemented that do come with all home remedies. With adequate preventive measures we can always learn to keep healthy eyes through our eyes. The details of home based eye care and eye problem remedies must be practiced in consistency.

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Many a times we get eye infection due to rubbing or an itch starting from a simple problem. These can even infect further due to lack of sleep, strain or even other disease. The infection can always spread further if we rub our eye. Splashing eyes with normal cold water is the first thing to be done in case of any problem. Splashing our eyes with normal clean water every morning and when tired is one of the greatest things that can be done for their benefit and clear vision.

There are also important yogas and eye exercises that can be done to strengthen blood flow to the eyes and the clarity of vision. Everything from blood shot eyes, to strained nerves and cataracts can all be cured through exercises and yoga. The proper relaxation and techniques must be mastered and soon enough the results would be soon! There are different reasons why our eyes become strained the way they do and one of the main causes is all about blocking the circulation which can be cured through the appropriate type of exercises.

Among our 5 sensory organs, our eyes tend to be one of the most important ones. If we do not take care of our vision and eye sight we would totally miss out life or have to spend a lot over them in our old age. The major eye defects that have been seen to occur among people are:

  • Myopia or short sightedness
  • Hypermetropia or long sightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

Myopia is the condition that blocks our short distance vision. This defect can be corrected through the use of concave lens use and also the clarifying of vision through proper diet.

In case of Hypermetropia there are obstructions to long distance vision which can again be corrected through convex lens. The blurred image and focus can all be corrected through this simple process but then even one can do better with the proper oxygen flow and release of restrictions through appropriate diet and enough exercises that bring back the sense of flow within the body.

Astigmatism is another vision problem where the cornea becomes oval shaped and brings the other problems of myopia as well as hypermetropia. Special astigmatic lens is always necessary for correcting this situation.

Presbyopia is another condition that can be cured through the correction of this lens condition. The elasticity and correction of focus can be brought about through the appropriate convex lens.

This problem results in making you lose elasticity and even consideration of focus on close objects. This problem results in obstruction of reading or doing any work that involves close reading. These problems can be corrected again through involvement of holistic correction processes along with the lens use. Presbyopia is the condition that usually occurs in people right after their 40 years. This is becoming quite a common problem with millions right now. These seem to be affecting every other individual but usually a correction in nutritional deficiencies from early age can stop this reaction.

The other reasons for eye problems include reading or working in inadequate light, working at a long stretch in reading or in front of the computer, watching television or such bright screens at a very close range, deficiency in diet, not having enough wholesome raw and fresh food, especially those containing Vitamin A.

Some of the most definite ways to bring back spirit to your eyes is by splashing them with one part of rose water along with lime juice. When stored in a bottle this has to be used an eye drop. This is another great way to clarify vision and make your eyes dance and sparkle. Make sure the rose water is very clear and distilled.

Taking sufficient Vitamin A rich food is also another aspect of healthy vision. Make sure to include loads and tons of orange and bright colored fruits plus vegetables in their raw and unadulterated state. Milk, spinach and broccoli also contain Vitamin A in healthy amounts. Vitamin A is also present in fish oil, the supplement of which can always help with clarifying your vision.

Home Remedies for Eye Care
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