Eye Examination

Eye Examination

Eyes are the beautiful part of our human body and without eye many spending their days on the dark. But many people with good vision and eyes are not taking proper care to maintain their eyes health and its functioning. People have to examine their eyes frequently to have a good vision and bright future because eyes ability to have a proper vision decrease as the years passes on. You could approach for eye test when your vision blurs and you feel the objects in front of you are not visible. Other than these there are certain factors which indicate there is need of eye examination and that includes repeated headache, objects in sign board are not visible and letters in papers or books are not clear.

Examining eye for every two years is necessary for ordinary people who do

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not have any eye complaints in the past and for people having eye problems examining at regular intervals as your optometrist advice is the best option.
There are various reasons to have an eye examination and that are explained well below in this article.

First reason to have an eye examination is to maintain proper vision. Examining eye regularly for checking with the perfect vision helps to know about your problems and this is recommended every year for people having eye problems and for others examining once in two years is enough. This kind of eye examination proves to be worthy as it helps in correcting the vision problem by making use of glasses, contact lenses or by laser treatments. Beyond this the eye examiner i.e., the optometrist will provide you with an advice on how to enhance your visionary health and maintaining it for future.

The next utmost reason to have an eye examination is to check with the “computer vision syndrome”. This is the new kind of syndrome check up in this emerging world. The main reason behind this examination is the use of computers and laptops by a person in day to day life for long time. The main symptoms which they feel are continuous headache, blurred vision, tired eyes and also dry eyes. If you come across any of these symptoms then it is wise to have an eye examination with your optometrist. The optometrist after thorough examination will provide you glasses for preventing the direct contact of computer screen and laptop screen. This will help you to free from the computer vision syndrome.

The next reason for examining eye is to keep your eyes free from eye diseases. Many even after identifying the problem in their eyes cannot be able to treat without any effect to their vision. The main reason for this kind of affecting vision at the time of treatment is the patient’s lethargic behavior. Because many patients after identifying their eyes problem at the initial stage were not paying proper attention to that and allows to develop that to reach the typical stage. Hence treating at the typical stage leads to some problem and in some cases leads to loss of total vision. This kind of difficulty could be drawn out if proper examination is done and this kind of proper examination helps to identify many diseases which occur in the inner part and that include glaucoma, cataracts and age related macular degeneration. All these are not easy to identify by ordinary persons like you and me but could be easily identified by optometrist.

As this eye has impact on other parts of the human body proper examination of eyes is necessary to keep your body healthier. Eyes have the ability to reveal many other issues in the human body such as tumors, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. Hence maintaining proper eye health helps in maintaining overall health of the body. Maintaining proper eye health is not a big issue this could be maintained by sufficient intake of foods like green leafy vegetables, spinach, kale, and broccoli.

Finally it has to be examined in proper eye sight for children. Because many children are affected by dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) this has to be identified at its early stage and treated. Treating this kind of disease at its early stage is the easiest way to get cure of the problem and for this proper examination is necessary. Children must be examined as per the prescribed schedule given by optometrist if has any problem.

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By co-operating optometrist with their schedule the kid’s eye problem could be easily treated. But the fact is many parents are not taking care of their children’s eye health and this leads to serious problems as they grow up. Best example for this is nowadays many kids at their early ages are wearing glasses and this is because of more exposure to TV shows. Hence parents have to take care of their kids and make sure that they are not exposed to Television for long period.

All these kind of eye related problems could be easily treated if proper eye examination is done hence make sure to take eye examination in regular intervals.

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