Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

A cataract is an eye disease that involves the clouding, yellowing or

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opacification of the natural lens of the eye. This causes a large and violent rush of water over a precipice. Cataract is a kind of disease which comprehensively depends on age. Cataract may even lead to loss of vision of a person. As a person grows old, the probability of he being affected by cataract also increases. It might start with on eye or even start with two eyes. People above 65 years of age are usually affected by cataract disease. It starts with huge flow of water from the eyes and then later hampers the proper functioning of retina. As the retina gets damaged, the person cannot see things properly as his eyes fail to focus light. Since retina is nothing but a tissue which converts light signals to electrical impulses and transports them back to brain. And once it gets damaged, people even fail to recognize things. Well working retina is transparent, but the eye suffering from cataract will have a yellowish retina and distracts the intensity of the light falling on the eye, impacting the vision.

Now, if you are wondering about the symptoms of cataract, then following details might help you. Development of cataract is slow process and it does not involve any severe symptoms which would ensure you about its presence. Initially, huge amount of water will flow the person’s eye and his vision will become blurry. The person having cataract will get a feeling as if his eyes are clouded and develops a habit of rubbing the eyes in order to eliminate the drowsiness from the eyes. With cataract, you can even see the light of a fluorescent lamp directly. You vision goes nil, when you try to drive you car at night. If you are a person related to computer field, then you will find huge difficultly in reading small sized text. You cannot even spend much time in front of the screen. Apart from these, if you are finding difficulty in reading books or newspaper, especially where the text is not big in size, then you might be having cataract. These are few of the symptoms of this eye disease and when ever you go through such experiences then it is seriously advised to pay a visit to your doctor, regarding the same.

Time is moving at the speed of sound and the attitude of the people is also changing with same pace. Modern cataract surgeries are very quick and hardly needs day to finish with the surgery. And with in a span 1-2 days, the patient can resume his routine work. You can approach any surgeon and take an appointment for the surgery. And just by simply coming at that particular time, you will be operated and you can drive back to with in few hours. Even though, the speed of the surgery has tremendously increased but the outcome is better than earlier. Once your yellowish and cloudy lens is replaced with transparent one, your vision becomes completely clear as if you are back to your young age. This is the main factor which is encouraging the people with cataract to get operated and make their life better.
Whenever you hear the term “surgery”, you really get frightened. Although cataract is not much different from any other conventional surgery, but you hardly feel any pain during or after the surgery. In cataract surgery, first the surgeon checks the condition of the lens. If he finds the lens to be completely damaged, then he breaks the lens using a high intensity laser probe and removes the broken parts using a suction device. After the removal of the old lens, the surgeon places a new transparent artificial lens in its place. And if the lens is partially damaged, then the surgeon clears the damaged part, cleans it and places it back to its position. Even though it involves such painful procedure, but the operated area is made temporarily inactive by giving local anesthesia. Although it sounds a very tedious process but it gets completed with in an hour or so. Surgery for cataract has become so common these days that even insurance companies cover these surgeries. It has become so common in every home that even people are not scared of cataract surgeries.

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Although cataract surgery is one of safest surgeries of the modern day, there are some kinds of risks involved. About 98% of cataract surgeries are successful but I am talking about that 2%. You never know, even you can fall in that nullified category. So, before you opt for cataract surgery, it is very important to understand the risk factors involved in it.

There is a high probability of eye getting infected which is also termed as Endophthalmitis. The mechanism involved in surgery is such that it can leave your whole eye infected. And to prevent this, surgeons pour few drops of antibiotic liquid on the eyes before they get operated. This drug nullifies the chance of getting infected to a great extent but still 1 out of every 3000 patients do suffer from this infection.

Well this conclusion is very rare but still there is a possibility that it might happen. During the surgery, the macula (which is the central part of the retina) may get inflamed and might result in burning the vision. As macula starts swelling during the surgery, so there is great chance of its getting inflamed but it is injected with some steroids, which kills such danger. There is one more deadly risk of cataract surgery. There is possibility that the retina might get detached with the eyes, this is also called as retinal detachment. The detachment of retina from the back of eye can damage the vision of that eye for a lifetime. But this occurs to about half of the once percent of all cataract surgeries.

The most frightful and deadly risk is that the cataract surgery might even lead to choroidal hemorrhage. Choroids are actually the blood vessels which carry blood to the retina. This obviously means that they are a vital part of the eye. But during cataract surgery, there is a possibility that these choroids start bleeding. And this is common to the patients who have high blood pressure. So, if the surgeons are successful in stopping the process quickly, then it might not harm the vision of that person. But, if he fails to do so, then the patient might loose his vision forever.

These were few of the risks that are involved in the cataract surgeries, which you should be aware of. But the technology involved in these surgeries is so sophisticated that the probability of these hazards is almost nullified. So, people can opt for cataract surgeries if they are suffering from eye cataract.

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