Best vitamins for Eyes

Vitamins for Eyes

Many people in this world are not without vision and feeling a lot as the whole world to them is black. But many people who are having good vision are not taking care of that and facing many problems related to eyes. This kind of occurring of problems to eyes could be protected easily if we do some things daily.

The things which you have to do daily are nothing but have to consume necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients rich foods which helps in maintaining the eyes health. The main reason for this is in our body every thing functions properly only because of vitamins and nutrients like that eyes functioning is also controlled by the same.

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In those kind of vitamins for eyes the most necessary vitamins is the anti-oxidant vitamins. The lens and retina of the eyes are easily affected to dust contaminants, unchecked free radicals and cellular process. These anti-oxidant vitamins play a vital role in combating those free radicals. The anti-oxidant vitamins in general include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.  All these vitamins not only help in protecting the eyes from free radicals but also help in promoting healthy cells and tissues necessary for eyes.

The recent research shows that other than these three vitamins A, C and E there are two other vitamins which play a vital role in maintaining one’s eyes health. They are Lutein and Zeaxanathin and these two comes under the same category of anti-oxidants. The Lutein is a carotenoid which is used as a supplement in either manner individually or with some other herbs and vitamins to improve the eyes health.

These Lutein’s play a vital role in improving eyes health and gives proper vision especially in old ages as the amount of lutein decrease as the years move on.  These Luteins are a pigment which is found in eyes and it absorbs light from the blue-green section of the spectrum.

It could be obtained naturally by eating green leafy vegetables such as kale, cabbage, spinach, collards, kiwi, zucchini, and pumpkin. But spinach is the one which contains Lutein in large amount because of beta carotene, vitamin C and E and some nutrients which are very important for maintaining eyes health. If not obtained in a natural manner then it is advised to look for any supplement which provides this lutein in sufficient manner and helps in providing good vision and health to eyes.

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These vitamins which we have seen here are plays a vital role in maintaining the health of eyes vision other than that there are some other minerals which helps in maintaining eyes health.  Those minerals are zinc, selenium, manganese and copper. In these minerals zinc is the mineral which serves in sensing smell, sight and taste.

Zinc a most important mineral and the most important fact about this is that it is seen in large amount in eye when compared to any other parts of the body. Also this is an important mineral which is responsible for regulating more number of vitamin A in eye from liver which helps in maintaining good eye health. In the case of selenium the deficiency of this mineral mainly causes cataracts and this is proven clinically hence this mineral also responsible for maintaining eyes health. Because cataract is the problem which many old aged people are facing in general hence sufficient intake of foods which contains all these are necessary to free from all problems.

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Nowadays as everyone is concerning about eyes health and looking for necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in their daily food it leads to new innovation. This is nothing but a dietary supplement which includes all necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients responsible for maintaining good visionary health. The earlier problems due to lack of vitamins, nutrients and minerals are slowly clearing off  the field after in-taking this sufficient dietary supplements hence the research on this supplement has reached further extension and looking for more advanced technique to get rid of eye problems.

But before taking these dietary supplement it is better to consult the doctor as they would have suggest the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals rich supplements and this would be more effective when compared to other dietary supplements. Basically doctors would provide this kind of dietary supplements after thorough researching of patient as that supplement should not cause any harm to them and suits their need.


Make sure to take sufficient levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients rich supplementary food after consulting with doctor as that will help you to get rid of all problems related to health and also this supplement helps in maintaining overall health. Likewise to keep your eyes functioning properly it is necessary to have sufficient dietary supplements as that will has the ability to increase the health of eye and its vision.

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