Best Eye Care Tips

Eye Care Tips

To ensure that you have lasting vision and great eye sight no matter whatBest Eye Care Tips you do, you will be surprised to know that there are certain regular habits that will really take care of your eyes for the better.

Here are the best of the tips that you can contend to when it comes to great eye care:

1. Have more Vitamin A:

High levels of Vitamin A is a must in your diet if you are looking for stress free vision or are looking forward to cure some diseases or even keep your eyesight last longer and better.

This does not mean piling up on Vitamin A medicines but taking them through your diet! What are the Vitamin A enriched foods then? Think of bright orange and yellow hues of vegetables and fruits as well as some eggs, fish and milk.


When you have more of fresh and raw vegetables that are rich yellow or orange in tone, like, papaya, pumpkin, belle peppers, carrots, mangoes, cantaloupes, etc. you are sure to receive a high amount of Vitamin A. Having fruits and vegetables raw is a must necessity as well as having some eggs, fish and milk with them. You would also be surprised to know the presence of Vitamin A in greens like cilantro, spinach, etc. these are great food in their raw state to have in your daily diets. The higher amount of Vitamin A food you consumer, the greater and faster results do you see in your eyes’ health.

2. Splashing Cold Water:

Splashing your eyes with cold water is also a great thing to do as this will give relief to your eyes.

Splashing Your Eyes

If you work in front of the monitor for long or are in a job that requires detailed looking in to something, then make it a habit to splash your eyes with cold water whenever they are tired. Washing your eyes with the water of soaked amla is also a great thing to do.

3. Treating Dark Circles:

Dark circles could be due to nutritional deficiency, stress, internal toxins and disorders, lack of sleep or even all of these together. Dark circles make our eyes look like those of giant pandas and give us age to our looks. There is no fun with dark circles but you can treatment them with addition of mostly raw fruits and vegetables in your diet, cutting off caffeinated beverages almost totally, sleeping well and controlling your stress. Learning to relax will definitely cure your dark circles.

Treating Dark Circles

You can also help your self by slicing cucumber slices or grated potatoes on your eyes to make the shades appear lighter. Cotton pads dipped in chilled milk also help you get back the shades off your eyes.

4. Eye Exercises:

A several times a day to this exercise to help you keep your eyes fresh. You can do the exercise of visualizing. Simply close your eyes and visualize in vivid details and elaboration about what it is that you would like to have for your self in the future, etc.


Usually this is known as the optimist’s exercise which really helps keep stress at bay! You can also try focusing on an object that is quite some distances away. These usually soothe tired eyes.

5. Cure Itchiness:

This is a rather curios trick that you can do to avoid itchy, reddish and sore eyes!

Reddish and Sore Eyes

If you massage your scalp with curd, it has been known to cure itchiness.

Eye Exercises
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