Romantic poet, artist and philosopher, William Blake, has rightly expressed that eyes are the windows of our soul. A healthy pair of eyes not only makes life worth living but also let us enjoy the beauty of the world in its in finite variation. Today the health of eyes is also subject to various conditions.

The glare of light form TV, computer, pollution around us, smoke, stress, sleeplessness, nervous disorders and even an improper diet can affect the health of our eyes by the degree. Lack of vital nutrients and a stressful environment can always bring down the health of our eyes. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A are vital for eye health. Making sure that you have some of these foods will give you great looking eyes.

These are bright colored fruits and vegetables like papayas, mangoes, carrots, cantaloupe melons, spinach, cilantro, etc. Fish, eggs and milk are some of animal proteins that are also necessary for healthy eyes. Forget staring for long into the TV screen or computer screen. What you can do alternately is, giving rest to your eyes every 40 minutes or so. Even ten minutes of eye rest away from the screen per hour will give you great relief.

Eye health is also considered of brain or mind or neurological health. If you stress your eye nerves too much it will be overall seen in your system. Get sparkling eyes by washing it with cold water every day. Placing cucumber slices or sleeping with anti glare covers will relax your eye nerves. Make sure that you don’t stare into any screen for too long before your sleeping time as well as use an eye gel for keeping the eye area looking fresh and young. Supple looking eye areas and relaxed eyes also happen if you give up coffee and drink more water and fresh juices.